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Feeling Your Best

May 13, 2011

Many people today are overweight or suffering from allergies, especially here in the United States.   I see it among my co-workers, people I go to church with, people here in my neighborhood, the youth and especially among shoppers or drivers.

Every once in awhile I’ll talk with some of them about their overall health, mostly because they bring it up, not because I ask.  So I’ll listen to their complains for a little while then ask them what they are doing about it?  Most then tell me about this or that medicine the doctor put them on and how it does or doesn’t work for them.

This gets old in a hurry so somewhere in the process I let them know I had some problems in the past and got on some herbs that have helped restore my health naturally.  Most react a bit negatively to that, some almost going into panic mode because herbs are not ‘doctor approved.’

I simply tell them they ought to try it before they buy it, doing a bit of research before they do.  Most again are too busy or too afraid.  But now, I’ve found a great herbal supplier I can truly believe in who stand behind their products 110% and even do online doctor reviewed diagnostics to help clients get the right products for their need.

It’s India Herbs, people who have put together a superb nutritional program that standardizes quality and capitalizes on 5,000 years of herbal practice.   If you’d like to check them out, just click on the below banner and bookmark the site so you can research all they have to offer.  Personally I like their simple, straightforward manner and the professional quality of their service.

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