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Our Iraqi Lesson

January 14, 2011

Just a quick check in tonight.   I listened to a great audio book today by Rajiv Chandrasekaran entitled:   Imperial Life in the Emerald City (Inside Iraq’s Green Zone).   It’s a very balanced view of our rebuild efforts the first year after we took over Iraq this last time, explaining in detail why it didn’t work.

We made so many mistakes there, no wonder everyone is mad at Bush!  I’d recommend this to everyone who wants to understand Iraqi responses better and what we should have done with these people who live in a culture so unlike our own.  By fostering better understanding, maybe we can repair some of the damage done.

He doesn’t say this, but now, several years after the facts and in light of where we [America] are today, I fear we’ve missed our opportunity to remain leaders of the free world.  Unless we the people step up to the plate and gain control of our out of control government, our nation is going to be just as much disembowed as Iraq was.

Only in freedom and markets are we going to find salvation.  We need to reign in all those pursuing some high and mighty political agenda.  Comments anyone?


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