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January 11, 2011

I’m the new kid on the block with so many radical ideas I don’t know where to start.  We really ought to rethink America in light of all the new technology that is out there and get people tuned into the foundations of freedom again so we pull ourselves up by the bootstraps like we’ve always done in the past instead of looking for government to solve all our problems.

In a nutshell, too much government is our problem and we need to tell them the era of big government capping and wasting our resources is OVER!  It’s time for some new, independent thinkers to step in, each one with their own personal baby to address and solve just one of our current problems.  With the technology and information now available, competition and credibility should be opening up new markets and opportunities.

Instead of government doing the regulating, we the people could be doing a bit of it ourselves through markets and internet feedback.   If the last election didn’t send a clear enough message to entrenched government leaders who are going the wrong way, the next one surely will.  But why should we wait for them to catch up?  Opportunities are out there right now for many of us.

Smart people are using their unemployment checks to start new businesses, find niches in underserved markets and set up the next boom cycle.  The trouble is, there’s not yet enough of us catching the vision of this yet.  Instead we’re hunkering down, hoping the storm will pass by quickly instead of standing up, being brave and going at it proactively ourselves.

So look around you.  Instead of doing business with the mega market, find the little guy with personal service and better products just around the corner from you.  I’m finding these everywhere and they need our support!   I’ll be pulling in some examples in the near future.  Share your ideas and help me know the direction I need to go with this blog.


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